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thanksgiving eve
Nov 26
> 8:00PM
26375 W Il Route 173
Antioch, IL 60002
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Dec 6 (Sat.)
> 8:00PM
Antioch, IL 60002
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New Year's Eve
Dec 31
> 9:00PM
Kickstand Bar
and Grill
9622 Camp Lake Rd
Camp Lake, WI 53109
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Valentine's Day
Feb 14
> 9:00PM
Hawg Heaven
10306 Antioch Rd
Salem, WI 53168
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Adam's Roadhouse - Buffalo Grove

The alley - Highwood

Chopper's - Antioch

Copa's - Round Lake

Cuda's - Antioch

Donley's Wild West Town - Union

The Gambler - McHenry

Hainesville Fest

Hawg Heaven - Salem, WI

J's sports bar - Ingleside

J.D. Muggs - Addison

Penny Road Pub - Barrington

Round Lake Town festival

The Twisted Moose - McHenry

The Village Spirit - Round Lake Beach

Washington Street StatioN - Woodstock


The band Waterfront Dogs was the ONLY good one of 3 that played, A MUST SEE BAND!!! They ROCK!!

Waterfront Dogs deliver a fiery mix of rock that´s a step away from what you hear by the other guys. Get ready for some powerhouse entertainment that puts a new feel to some old favorites.

> John    > Scot    > Larry    > Kirk

John Fak
lead vocals + guitar
John Fak was born and raised in Chicago and was exposed to all kinds of music as a child. Everything from big band, country, and especially the pop music of the 60's and 70's. Later on hard rock and metal took their place.

First band was in eighth grade, followed by spandex metal through high school, a touring band, wedding band (yikes!) etc, and then……….children. Recording for others and music production took over, but John soon looked for a live setting, and was back on a stage in a few short years.

John met the Waterfront Dogs in 2012 and was taken by their unique blend of individual personalities that gelled to form a cohesive band. After admitting he owned a trailer and would carry heavy things, they agreed that he fit right in.

Scot Sinclair
lead guitar + vocals
Scot Sinclair got tired of watching all his high school buddies play Clapton better than, well, Clapton, so he finally took up the guitar in college. Being out in the mountains in Idaho for 3 years leaves one with a lot free time. From original band Zipper, to cover bands Stayin' Late, Mule Train, Odd Man Out, White Noise, Axe, and finally Waterfront Dogs - spanning 25 years - Scot is still pounding out the jam on his '89 Strat like he's a younger version of himself, but with less hair.

Larry Surleta
drums + vocals
Larry was born and raised in Chicago. He developed an interest in music and particularly the drums while in Jr. High School. He took professional lessons for 8 years and played in various amateur bands throughout his high school years. As an adult he continued his participation in several local bands that traveled as far as Boston to play professionally. During this time he also played professionally on studio recordings. Drum greats John Bonham, Don Brewer, and Ginger Baker all had an influence on Larry's style in 1991 he married and moved to Lake County were he still lives. He joined the Waterfront Dogs in early 2011.

Kirk Hitschel
bass + vocals
Kirk's musical background started in grade school with saxophone — which he played for eight years until he was kicked out of the marching band in high school. From there he picked up the bass and never looked back. He loves keeping the rhythm going with Larry, adding some flourishes when they fit in, and sometimes when they don’t. His arsenal of basses include Fender, Schecter, Warwick, Ibanez and Yamaha played through an assertive Gallien-Krueger 412 rig with Boss effects.